Publications in 2007

by members of the Laboratory for Solar System Physics and Astrophysics,
Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Papers published in journals from the JCR list

  1. Czechowski, A., Mann, I. – 2007, Collisional vaporization of dust and production of gas in the β Pictoris dust disk, Ap.J. 660, pp 1541-1555 (pdf)

  2. Macek, W.M. – 2007, Multifractality and intermittency in the solar wind, NLGP 14, pp 695-700

  3. Mann, I., Murad, E., Czechowski, A. – 2007, Nanoparticles in the inner solar sytsem, Pl.Sp.Sci. 55, pp 1000-1009 (pdf)

Chapters in monographs

  1. Kallenbach, R., Czechowski, A. – 2007, Turbulence and ion acceleration in the outer heliosphere, in: The Physics of the heliospheric boundaries, ed. V.V. Izmodenov and R. Kallenbach, ISSI SR-005, pp 203-244

Papers in conference proceedings and miscellaneous

  1. Czechowski, A., Hilchenbach, M., Hsieh, K.C., Kota, J. – 2007, Comparing the ENA data to Voyager measurements in the heliosheath: the puzzle of H/He ratio,  Proc. 30-th ICRC Conference, Merida, Mexico

  2. Hilchenbach, M., Orsini, S., Hsieh, K.C., Antonucci, E., Barabash, S., Bamert, K., Bruno, R., Collier, M.R., Czechowski, A., D'Amicis, R., De Angelis, E., Dandouras, I., DiLellis, A.M., Esser, R., Giacalone, J.,. Gruntman, M., Habbal, S.R., Jokipii, J.R., Kallio, E., Kota, J., Kucharek, H., Leoni, R., Livi, S., Mann, I., Marsch, E., Massetti, S., Milillo, A., Möbius, E., Mura, A., Sheldon, R.B., Schmidt, W., Selci,. S., Szego, K., Woch, J., Wurz, P., Zanza, V., Zurbichen, T.H. – 2007, Solar Orbiter Neutral Solar Wind Detector, Proc. 2nd Solar Orbiter Workshop, ed.E. Marsch, K. Tsiaganos, R. Marsden, ESA SP-641, pp 46-50 (pdf)