Publications in 2012

by members of the Laboratory for Solar System Physics and Astrophysics,
Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Papers published in journals from the JCR list

  1. Allegrini, F., Bzowski, M., Dayeh, M.A., DeMajistre, R., Desai, M.I., Funsten, H.O., Fuselier, S.A., Janzen, P.H., Kubiak, M.A., McComas, D.J., Reisenfeld, D.B., Schwadron, N., Vanderspek, R. – 2012, Exploring the time dispersion of the IBEX-Hi energetic neutral atom spectra at the ecliptic poles, Ap.J.Lett. 749:L41 (pdf)

  2. Ben-Jaffel, L., Ratkiewicz, R. – 2012, Uncovering the magnetic environment of our solar system (Research Note), Astr.Ap. 546, A78 (pdf)

  3. Bochsler, P., Petersen, L., Möbius, E., Schwadron, N.A., Wurz, P., Scheer, J.A., Fuselier, S.A., McComas, D.J., Bzowski, M., Frisch, P.C. – 2012, Estimation of the neon/oxygen abundance ratio at the heliospheric termination shock and in the local interstellar medium from IBEX observations, Ap.J.S. 198:13, 10.1088/0067-0049/198/2/13 (pdf)
  4. Bzowski, M., Kubiak, M.A., Möbius, E., Bochsler, P., Leonard, T., Heirtzler, D., Kucharek, H., Sokó³, J.M., H³ond, M., Crew, G.B., Schwadron, N.A., Fuselier, S.A., McComas, D.J. – 2012, Neutral interstellar helium parameters based on IBEX-Lo observations and test particle calculations, Ap.J.S. 198:12, 10.1088/0067-0049/198/2/12 (astro-ph/1202.0415 v1) (pdf)

  5. Czechowski, A., Hilchenbach, M., Hsieh, K.C. – 2012, HSTOF ENA observations and energetic ion distributions in the heliosheath, Astr.Ap. 541, A14 (pdf)

  6. Fuselier, S.A., Allegrini, F., Bzowski, M., Funsten, H.O., Ghielmetti, A.G., Gloeckler, G., Heirtzler, D., Janzen, P., Kubiak, M.A., Kucharek, H., McComas, D.J., Möbius, E., Moore, T.E., Petrinec, S.M., Quinn, M., Reisenfeld, D., Saul, L.A., Scheer, J.A., Schwadron, N., Trattner, K.J., Vanderspek, R., Wurz, P. – 2012, Heliospheric neutral atom spectra between 0.01 and 6 keV from IBEX, Ap.J. 754:14 (pdf)

  7. H³ond, M., Bzowski, M., Möbius, E., Kucharek, H., Heirtzler, D., Schwadron, N.A., O'Neill, M.E., Clark, G., Crew, G.B., Fuselier, S., McComas, D.J. – 2012, Precision pointing of IBEX-Lo observations, Ap.J.S. 198:9, 10.1088/0067-049/198/2/10 (astro-ph/1202.1390 v1) (pdf)
  8. Lee, M.A., Kucharek, H., Möbius, E., Wu, X., Bzowski, M., McComas, D. – 2012, An analytical model of interstellar gas in the heliosphere tailored to Interstellar Boundary Explorer observations, Ap.J.S. 198:10, 10.1088/0067-0049/198/2/10 (pdf)

  9. Macek, W. M., Wawrzaszek, A.,Carbone, V. – 2012, Observation of the multifractal spectrum in the heliosphere and the heliosheath by Voyager 1 and 2, JGR 117, A12101, 10.1029/2012JA018129 (pdf)

  10. McComas, D.J., Alexashov, D., Bzowski, M., Fahr, H.J., Heerikhuisen, J., Izmodenov, V., Lee, M.A., Möbius, E., Pogorelov, N., Schwadron, N.A., Zank, G.P. – 2012, The heliosphere's interstellar interaction: no bow shock, Science 336 No 6086, pp 1291-1293 (Science Express 10.1126/science.1221054) (pdf)
  11. McComas, D.J., Dayeh, M.A., Allegrini, F., Bzowski, M., DeMajistre, R., Fujiki, K., Funsten, H.O., Fuselier, S.A., Gruntman, M., Janzen, P., Kubiak, M.A., Kucharek, H., Livadiotis, G., Möbius, E., Reisenfeld, D.B., Reno, M., Schwadron, N.A., Sokó³, J.M., Tokumaru, M. – 2012, The first three years of IBEX observations and our evolving heliosphere, Ap.J.S. 203:1 (pdf)

  12. Möbius, E., Bochsler, P., Bzowski, M., Heirtzler, D., Kubiak, M.A., Kucharek, H., Lee, M.A., Leonard, T., Schwadron, N.A., Wu, X., Fuselier, S.A., Crew, G., McComas, D.J., Petersen, L., Saul, L., Valovcin, D., Vanderspek, R., Wurz, P. – 2012, Interstellar gas flow parameters from IBEX-Lo observations in 2009 and 2010 analytical analysis, Ap.J.S. 198:11, 10.1088/0067-0049/198/2/11 (pdf)

  13. Ratkiewicz, R., Strumik, M., Grygorczuk, J. – 2012, The effects of local interstellar magnetic field on energetic neutral atom sky maps, Ap.J. 756:3, 10.1088/0004-637X/756/1/3 (pdf)

  14. Reisenfeld, D.B., Allegrini, F., Bzowski, M., Crew, G.B., DeMajistre, R., Frisch, P., Funsten, H.O., Fuselier, S.A., Janzen, P.H., Kubiak, M.A., Kucharek, H., McComas, D.J., Roelof, E., Schwadron, N.A. – 2012, Variations in the heliospheric polar energetic neutral atom flux observed by the Interstellar Boundary Explorer, Ap.J. 747:110, 10.1088/0004-637X/747/2/110 (pdf)
  15. Saul, L., Wurz, P., Rodriguez, D., Scheer, J., Möbius, E., Schwadron, N.A., Kucharek, H., Leonard, T., Bzowski, M., Fuselier, S., Crew, G., McComas, D. – 2012, Local interstellar neutral hydrogen sampled in-situ by IBEX, Ap.J.S. 198:14, 10.1088/0067-0049/198/2/14 (astro-ph/1202.0485) (pdf)

  16. Sokó³, J.M., Bzowski, M., Tokumaru, M., Fujiki, K., McComas, D.J. – 2013, Heliolatitude and time variations of solar wind structure from in-situ measurements and interplanetary scintillation observations, Solar Phys. 285 pp 167-200, doi:10.1007/s11207-012-9993-9 (astro-ph/1112.5249 v3) (pdf)

  17. Zaslavsky, A., Meyer-Vernet, N., Mann, I., Czechowski, A., Issautier, K., Le Chat, G., Pantellini, F., Goetz, K., Maksimovic, M., Bale, S.D., Kasper, J.C. – 2012, Interplanetary dust detection by radio antennas: Mass calibration and fluxes measured by STEREO/WAVES, JGR 117, A05102, 10.1029/2011JA017480 (pdf)

Chapters in monographs

  1. Czechowski, A., Mann, I. – 2012, Nanodust dynamics in interplanetary space, Chapter in "Nanodust in the solar system: discoveries and interpretations", pp 47-76, ed. I. Mann, N. Meyer-Vernet, A. Czechowski, Springer, ISSN 0067-0057, ISBN 978-3-642-27543-2 (pdf)

  2. Macek, W.M. – 2012, Multifractal turbulence in the heliosphere, Chapter 7 in "Exploring the solar wind", ed. M. Lazar, ISBN 978-953-51-0339-4. InTech (pdf)

  3. Mann, I., Czechowski, A. – 2012, Causes and consequences of the existence of nanodust in interplanetary space, Chapter in "Nanodust in the solar system: discoveries and interpretations", pp 195-219, ed. I. Mann, N. Meyer-Vernet, A. Czechowski, Springer, ISSN 0067-0057, ISBN 978-3-642-27543-2 (pdf)

Papers in conference proceedings and miscellaneous

  1. Hilchenbach, M., Kallenbach, R., Hsieh, K.C., Czechowski, A. – 2012, Potential sources for energetic neutrals from the heliosphere and beyond, Proc. 10-th Annual Astrophysics Conference: Physics of he heliosphere: a 10 year rertospective, AIP Conf. Proc 1436 pp 227-232 (pdf)

Popular science

  1. Sokó³, J.M. – 2012, Granice heliosfery oczami IBEX-a, Academia No 2(30), pp 8-11 (pdf1) (pdf2)