Publications in 2013

by members of the Laboratory for Solar System Physics and Astrophysics,
Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Papers published in journals from the JCR list

  1. Ben-Jaffel, L., Strumik, M., Ratkiewicz, R., Grygorczuk, J. – 2013, The existence and nature of the interstellar bow shock, Ap.J. 779:130 (pdf)

  2. Bzowski, M., Sokół, J.M., Kubiak, M.A., Kucharek, H. – 2013, Modulation of neutral interstellar He, Ne, O in the heliosphere. Survival probabilities and abundances at IBEX, Astr.Ap. 557, A50, 10.1051/0004-6361/201321700 (astro-ph/1306.4463 v2) (pdf)

  3. Chen, J.H., Möbius, E., Gloeckler, G., Bochsler, P., Bzowski, M., Isenberg, P.A., Sokół, J.M. – 2013, Observational study of the cooling behavior of interstellar helium pickup ions in the inner heliosphere, JGR 118, 10.1029/jgra.50391 (pdf)

  4. Figura, P., Macek, W.M. – 2013, Model of line preserving field line motions using Euler potentials, Annals of Physics 333, pp 127-135 (pdf)

  5. Frisch, P.C., Bzowski, M., Livadiotis, G., McComas, D.J., Möbius, E., Mũller, H.R., Pryor, W.R., Schwadron, N.A., Sokół, J.M., Vallerga, J.V., Ajello, J.M. – 2013, Decades-long changes of the interstellar wind through our solar system, Science 341 No 6150, pp 1080-1082, 10.1126/science.1239925 (pdf+supp.mat.)

  6. Galli, A., Wurz, P., Kollmann, P., Brandt, P.C., Bzowski, M., Sokół, J.M., Kubiak, M.A., Grigoriev, A., Barabash, S. – 2013, Heliospheric energetic neutral hydrogen measured with ASPERA-3 and ASPERA-4, Ap.J. 775:24 (pdf)

  7. Grzędzielski, S., Swaczyna, P., Bzowski, M. – 2013, Heavy coronal ions in the heliosphere. II. Expected fluxes of energetic neutral He atoms from the heliosheath, Astr.Ap. 549, A76, 10.1051/004-6361/201220104 (astro-ph/1211.4491 v1) (pdf)

  8. Katushkina, O.A., Izmodenov, V.V., Quémerais, E., Sokół, J.M. – 2013, Heliolatitudinal and time variations of the solar wind mass flux: Inferences from the backscattered solar Lyman-alpha intensity maps, JGR 118, 1-9, 10.1002/jgra.50303 (pdf)

  9. Kubiak, M.A., Bzowski, M., Sokół, J.M., Möbius, E.,  Rodríguez, D.F., Wurz, P., McComas, D.J. – 2013, Assessment of detectability of neutral interstellar deuterium by IBEX observations, Astr.Ap. 556, A39, 8 pp, 10.1051/0004-6361/201321166 (astro-ph//1306.4471 v1) (pdf)

  10. Macek, W.M., Wawrzaszek, A. – 2013, Voyager 2 observations of the multifractal spectrum in the heliosphere and the heliosheath, NLGP 20, pp 1061-1070 (pdf)

  11. Rodríguez M., D.F., Wurz, P., Saul, L., Bzowski, M., Kubiak, M.A., Sokół, J.M., Frisch, P., Fuselier, S.A., McComas, D.J., Möbius, E., Schwadron, N. – 2013, Evidence of direct detection of interstellar deuterium in the local interstellar medium by IBEX, Astr.Ap. 557, A125, 10.1051/0004-6361/201321420 (pdf)
  12. Saul, L., Bzowski, M., Fuselier, S., Kubiak, M.A., McComas, D., Möbius, E., Sokół, J.M., Rodríguez, D., Scheer, J., Wurz, P. – 2013, Local interstellar hydrogen's disappearance at 1 AU: four years of IBEX in the rising solar cycle, Ap.J. 767:130 (astro-ph/1306.3687 v1) (pdf)

  13. Schwadron, N.A., Moebius, E., Kucharek, H., Lee, M.A., French, J., Saul, J., Wurz, P., Bzowski, M., Fuselier, S.A., Livadiotis, G., McComas, D.J., Frisch, P.C., Gruntman, M., Mueller, H.R. – 2013, Solar radiation pressure and Local Interstellar Medium flow parameters from Interstellar Boundary Explorer low energy hydrogen measurements, Ap.J. 775:86 (pdf)
  14. Stasiewicz, K., Markidis, S., Eliasson, B., Strumik, M., Yamauchi, M. – 2013, Acceleration of solar wind ions to 1 MeV by electromagnetic structures upstream of the Earth's bow shock, EPL 102, 49001, 10.1209/0295-5075/102/49001 (pdf)

  15. Strumik, M., Czechowski, A., Grzędzielski, A., Macek, W.M., Ratkiewicz, R. – 2013, Small-scale local phenomena related to the magnetic reconnection and turbulence in the proximity of the heliopause, Ap.J.Lett. 773, L23 10.1088/2041-8205/773/2/L23 (astro-ph/1310.7902) (pdf)

Chapters in monographs

  1. Bzowski, M., Sokół, J.M., Tokumaru, M., Fujiki, K., Quémerais, E., Lallement, R., Ferron, S., Bochsler, P., McComas, D.J. – 2013, Solar parameters for modeling the  interplanetary background, Chapter 3 in "Cross-Calibration of Past and Present Far UV Spectra of Solar System Objects and the Heliosphere", ISSI Scientific Report Series 13, ed. R.M. Bonnet, E. Quémerais, M. Snow, Springer Science+Business Media, New York, pp 67-138, 10.1007/978-1-4614-6384-9_3 (astro-ph/1112.2967 v1) (pdf)

  2. Izmodenov, V.V., Katushkina, O.A., Quémerais, E., Bzowski, M. – 2013, Distribution of interstellar hydrogen atoms in the heliosphere and backscattered solar Lyman-α, Chapter 2 in "Cross-Calibration of Past and Present Far UV Spectra of Solar System Objects and the Heliosphere", ISSI Scientific Report Series 13, ed. R.M. Bonnet, E. Quémerais, M. Snow, Springer Science+Business Media, New York, pp 7-65, 10.1007/978-1-4614-6384-9_2 (pdf)

Papers in conference proceedings and miscellaneous

  1. Müller, H.R., Bzowski, M., Möbius, E., Zank, G.P. – 2013, Interstellar helium in the heliosphere, Proc. 13-th Solar Wind Conf., AIP CP 1539, pp 348-351, 10.1063/1.4811058 (pdf)

Popular science

  1. Sokół, J.M. – 2013, Heliosfera i jej granice, Urania - Postępy Astronomii, Nr 3/2013, pp 12-19 (pdf)