Publications in 2021

by members of the Laboratory for Solar System Physics and Astrophysics,
Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences

Papers published in journals from the JCR list

  1. Czechowski, A., Mann, I. – 2021, Dynamics of nanodust in the vicinity of a stellar corona: Effect of plasma corotation, Astr.Ap. 652, A131, 10.1051/0004-6361/202141048 (pdf)

  2. Gil, A., Berendt-Marchel, M., Modzelewska, R., Moskwa, S., Siluszyk, A., Siluszyk, M., Tomasik, Ł, Wawrzaszek, A., Wawrzynczak, A. – 2021, Evaluating the relationship between strong geomagnetic storms and electric grid failures in Poland using the geoelectric field     as a GIC proxy, J. Space Weather & Space Climate 11, 30, 10.1051/swsc2021013 (pdf)

  3. Gil, A., Modzelewska, R., Wawrzaszek, A., Piekart B, Miłosz T. – 2021, Solar rotation multiples in space-weather effects, Solar Phys. 296:128, 10.1007%2Fs11207-021-01873-7 (pdf)
  4. Kubiak, M.A., Bzowski, M., Kowalska-Leszczynska, I., Strumik, M. – 2021, WawHelioGlow: a model of the heliospheric backscatter glow. I. Model definition, Ap.J.S. 254:16, 10.3847/1538-4365/abeb79, astro-ph/2103.02797 (pdf)

  5. Kubiak, M.A., Bzowski, M., Kowalska-Leszczynska, I., Strumik, M. – 2021, WawHelioGlow: a model of the heliospheric backscatter glow. II. The helioglow buildup and the potential significance of the anisotropy in the solar EUV output, Ap.J.S 254:17, 10.3847/1538-4365/abeb78, astro-ph/2103.02802  (pdf)

  6. Mann, I., Czechowski, A. – 2021, Dust observations from Parker Solar Probe: dust ejection from the inner Solar System, Astr.Ap. 650, A29, 10.1051/0004-6361/202039362 (pdf)

  7. Modzelewska, R., Krasińska, A., Wawrzaszek, A., Gil, A. – 2021, Scaling features of diurnal variation of galactic cosmic rays, Solar Phys. 296:125, 10.1007/s11207-021-01866-6 (pdf)

  8. Reisenfeld, D.B., Bzowski, M., Funsten,. H.O., Heerikhuisen, J., Janzen, P.H., Kubiak, M.A., McComas, D.J., Schwadron N.A., Sokół, J.M., Zimorino, A., Zirnstein, E.J. – 2021, A three-dimensional map of the heliosphere from IBEX, Ap.J.S. 254:40, 10.3847/1538-4365/abf658 (pdf)

  9. Strumik, M., Bzowski, M., Kubiak, M.A. – 2021, Influence of heliolatitudinal anisotropy of solar FUV/EUV emission on Lyman-α helioglow: SOHO/SWAN observations and WawHelioGlow modeling, Ap.J.L 919:L18, 10.3847/2041-8213/ac2734 (astro-ph/2109.08095) (pdf)

  10. Strumik, M., Slomonski, J., Slominska, E., Młynarczyk, J., Błęcki, J., Haagmans, R., Kulak, A., Popek, M., Martyński, K., Wronowski, R. – 2021, Experimental evidence of a link between lightning and magnetic field fluctuations in the upper ionosphere observed by Swarm, GRL 48, e2020GL091507, 10.1029/2020GL091507 (pdf)

Papers in conference proceedings and miscellaneous

  1. Echim, M., Chang, T., Kovacs, P., Wawrzaszek, A., Yordanova, E., Narita, Y., Vörös, Z., Bruno, R., Macek, W., Mursula, K., Consolini, G. – 2021, Turbulence and complexity of magnetospheric plasmas, Chapter 5 in: "Magnetospheres in the Solar System", Geophysiocal onograph 259, Space Physics and Aeronomy Collection Vol. 2., ed. R, Maggiolo, N. André, H. Hasegawa, D.T. Welling, AGU, J. Wiley & Soncs Inc., 10.1002/9781119815624.ch5 (pdf).