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Nonlinear dynamics and fractals in the solar wind
Wieslaw Macek, Marek Strumik

During about the last twenty years powerful methods of time series analysis have been developed on the basis of the nonlinear dynamics and deterministic chaos theory. These methods allow us to obtain some important information concerning the dynamics of a real physical system, providing that we have a scalar signal describing time evolution of a variable of the system. We focus on the development of the methods of time series analysis and their application for space plasma signals measured during spacecraft missions. Our main results concern

  • obtaining values of basic dynamical characteristics (e.g., correlation dimension and entropy) for the slow solar wind flow,
  • multifractal nature of the slow solar wind,
  • influence of some methods of signal filtering on reliability of the results obtained by nonlinear methods of time series analysis,
  • estimation of noise level and discrimination of additive from dynamical noise for chaotic time series.

We are also interested in modeling irregular space plasma flows within the framework of the magneto-fluid approach and its comparison with spacecraft measurements.

Last modification: May 25, 2006